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Research, insights and briefings to help you develop strategy, make informed decisions and lead with confidence in a chaotic world.

What comes with an Agency Radar Premium subscription?

An Agency Radar subscription is designed so you can lead your business with confidence.

We have a vault of materials — research, insights, briefings, analyses, toolkits — to help you develop strategy and make informed decisions.

This is exactly what I need!

  • Monthly in-depth board briefing. Everything your board needs to know about a key issue or challenge. Materials to faciliate structured discussions.
  • Regular agency briefs. A thorough survey and summary of key things to know - news, forward planning, risks, industry, events, and interesting links.
  • What works. Research and investigations for tips and practices on what works. Things that you should know about for leading your agency. Ideas you can implement.
  • Reading for action. Reviews of books you should know about. Insights tailored to your agency situation. Clear guides for turning insights into action.
The Agency Positioning paper crystallised my thinking about our proposition, what we are here for and reminded me to keep things simple. It helped me articulate our agency's specialism and for the team understand the value of their skills and roles.
David Mann
Managing Director, dxw
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