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Agency Radar focuses on helping you wear the top three hats in your business — shareholder, director, CxO — effectively. We know time in those roles can be limited and frantic, so we provide well-crafted briefings to help you think more widely, and further ahead.

In our launch month, here is some of what we'll be publishing for members...

Agency Headlines

A weekly briefing for agency leaders. We'll let you know about things that need to be on the radar for agency leaders. Not always specifically about agencies, but likely to impact your business in some way.

Board Briefing: The Pandemic in 2021

A detailed paper, once a month, to guide an in-depth discussion at your board meeting, providing insight and analysis on a major issue for the future of the business.

This month we'll summarise the latest thinking and data on the pandemic, analyse scenarios for next year, and look at the key issues agency boards need to consider.

This one document could be worth your whole year's membership fee many times over.

What Works: Company Playbooks

A deep look at a particular idea or issue for agency businesses, researching cool ideas and best practice from around the world. Packed with inspiring ideas.

This month we'll look at the idea of company playbooks. Whether it's a simple staff handbook, or a full operating system for your business, our report will show what others are making work, and the tools available to help you.

Need To Know: Business Continuity Planning

A practical guide to a key idea for better leading your business. Sometimes it’ll be topical, so a previous guide might have been what you need to know about the furlough scheme, but other times it’ll show you a management or strategy tool.

In the first month, we’ll tell you what you need to know about business continuity planning, so you can better prepare your agency for the unexpected.

Radar Read: Thinking Fast and Slow

A monthly digest of a key business book, specifically with agency leaders in mind. There'll be an outline of the big idea, a summary of the main points, and the insights that you can take from it. Use it to catch up on books you know you should have read but don't have the time for, or even to spark a reading group with your colleagues or fellow agency leaders.

This month the book will be Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman.

Mad Men Monday

We all need some fun in amongst all the serious stuff. So watch along with us each Monday night as we see what Mad Men can teach us about running an agency.

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